The Enigma of the Shroud of Turin

The Third Dimension

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The first clip on this page tells the story of the discovery of the 3D encoding within the image on the Shroud. It comes straight from the individuals responsible and was filmed a few months after the discovery was first made. This quality is unique in photography and art. This is because both media - whether via a camera or the eye of the artist - can only record the varying intensities of light falling on a subject. The Shroud image however, varies in intensity in direct correlation with the apparent distance it was from the cloth at the moment the image was formed.
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You will need red and blue (anaglyph) 3D glasses to view the final clip on this page in stereo 3D. (These can be readily found online and are supplied free with the DVD available from the Support page). If you do not have any anaglyph glasses to hand you can view the mono 3D version at the bottom of the page.
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