The Enigma of the Shroud of Turin

Welcome to its mystery. Can you solve it?

Welcome to the Shroud mystery

A carbon 14 test carried out in 1988 in controversial circumstances has branded the Shroud of Turin a fake. However, nearly a quarter of a century on, no one has successfully been able to explain or replicate it and further historical and forensic evidence has emerged that challenges the C14 verdict. It remains an enigma.
Having started as a skeptic I now find it very difficult to believe that the Shroud is a mediaeval forgery. It seems to me that it is more likely likely that it wrapped the historical Jesus of Nazareth. How on earth the image was created escapes not just me but anyone and everyone who has attempted to fathom it.
David Rolfe
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Even if a reliable C14 test eventually proves a 2,000 year age the evidence that the man depicted is Jesus of Nazareth is circumstantial. And no matter how powerful that evidence is, the Shroud is always likely to remain an enigma. And that is, perhaps, as it should be. Christianity is dependent on the mystery of faith. If you expect proof you will always be disappointed. That said, the Shroud seems to offer an extraordinary way to approach the man it claims to be and time spent in its company and exploring its nature and history will not be wasted.

David Rolfe, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, UK.

This site aims to provide an accessible video and image rich overview for anyone wanting to know more or to send on to others who might want to. Use the social media links for this. With your help, it also intends to be a campaigning site. The campaign is for Christian renewal using the inspiration of the Shroud and its image as a symbol all Christians can unite behind.

For fast-moving debate and comment on the subject you should keep in touch with Dan Porter’s blog and for the ultimate in deep study of the subject explore Barrie Schwortz’s exhaustive archives. These archives include back copies of the British Shroud of Turin Society’s (BSTS) Journal. This appears twice a year and has a proud tradition of publishing new and diverse shroud-related articles. Subscriptions are £20 for two years and can be taken out by emailing the treasurer, Benedict Lawrence. It is well worth supporting.

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