The Enigma of the Shroud of Turin

Probably the most extraordinary object you will ever encounter

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Welcome to the Shroud mystery

A carbon 14 test carried out in 1988 in controversial circumstances has branded the Shroud of Turin a fake. Despite the fact that millions of the faithful still flock to see it the Shroud's reputation as an object worthy of study is fading fast. However, nearly a quarter of a century on, no one has successfully been able to explain or replicate it and further historical and forensic evidence has emerged that challenges the C14 verdict. It remains an enigma.

Time for a re-examination?

Historian, Ian Wilson (right), was first to find the historic trail of the Shroud and is the author of three best-sellers on the subject.


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Any good investigation should have a crime scene and a wall you can pin your main evidence on.

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The Full Story is now available in a new edition in eight languages. Contains many bonus features.

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The £20,000 Shroud/Dawkins Challenge

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The Shroud has been the subject of intense scientific scrutiny and examination. Much of it is now published in peer-reviewed journals. It should be meat and drink to scientists like Richard Dawkins. Shroud Enigma has structured a challenge to him and his foundation. Click the gauntlet to see more.